April 15, 2019

Yoti Lite

Carrying all the amazing qualities from the Yoti2, the Yoti2 Lite is designed to pilots who seek the ultimate ease of use on the ground and agility in the air. Hike and Fly. Strong wind soaring and thermal XC flights, the Yoti2 Lite is capable of all.

Hike and Fly

As light as 2.15kgs the Yoti2 Lite is the most versatile glider in our range, the perfect travel companion, with speed and stability on a very stable shark nose profile and a surprisingly efficient glide angle and thermaling abilities. Yoti2 Light is an one glider quiver.

The small packing volume combined with easy launching characteristics makes a fun wing for the weekend hike & flight or a run to your local hill for a quick flight.

Freedom is built extensively of lightweight materials Our preference was for the long-lasting yet lightweight Porcher Skytex 27g.

Let your imagination go wild, Yoti2 Lite will be the ideal tool to make it real!

Technical data




  • 62 liters Rucksack
  • Weight 700g
  • Two side pockets
  • Top pockets for objects and documents holder
  • Comfortable with waist strap and adjustable chest strap
  • Colours: Dark grey/ Orange


The Yoti2 Light is built with a combination of both trimmers and a speed system.

The Speed System can be used in a situation where the combination of extra speed and glide angle is needed. For example: Gliding past sinking air while on XC or gliding to a faraway LZ after the wind has picked up. Or mostly used to tune the glider behavior to suit the conditions when ridge soaring of flying down the hill

The Trimmers are an important tool and can be used to adjust and tune the behavior of the glider to suit the day or the flying style.

By default, the Yoti2 Light trim speed is designed with trimmers all the way in. The use of trimmers can only speed up the trim speed. Opening the trimmers will create a semi-reflex on the profile, resulting in the glider to fly faster but with a worse glide angle. The benefit of the semi-reflex is the stability at speed, the glider will become very pitch stable and the resistance against collapses will also improve. With the trimmers open the Yoti2 Light will dive even deeper into turns and if you want to follow the contours of the terrains or carve in skies with sweeping turns, this is the right configuration.

Flying with trimmers all the way in, it will cause the glider to fly at its designed trim speed, therefore, improving the sink rate. A classic scenario: ridge soaring in light winds, pulling the trimmers all the way down will help to stay airborne for longer.

We recommend all thermic flying to be flown with trimmers on neutral (trimmers all the way in), as it is the most optimal setup in terms of speed/glide/sink rate. For sweet handling, we would recommend opening the trimmers by 10mm only. Fine tuning the trimmers is where the Yoti2’s secret is at. Play with yours to find the ideal setting or your conditions and wing loading.

Due to the combination of both a shark nose and an optimized collapse resistant profile, Yoti’s brake travel is quite long for this type of glider therefore there will be plenty of warning before she stalls yet be careful as she is small and usually flown heavily loaded so be cautious when flying her and remember she is a mini wing and treat her with all the respect she deserves so she can keep delivering smiles.

The configuration of full open trimmers and full speed bar is where you can get the max speed out the Yoti2 Light but only use in an extreme scenario where you need the extra speed.

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