July 1, 2021

Cosmos Power

Cosmos Power is a dedicated intermediate paramotor wing. It shares the same line layout, AR and materials as our free-flying EN B Cosmos. Cosmos and Cosmos Power are 2 different wings. Cosmos Power is a completely new design.

A highly efficient and extremely stable, intermediated paramotor wing. With state-of-the-art “Efficient full reflex”, shark nose aerofoil, tip steering, trimmers and speed bar.

Cosmos Power is a very efficient and fun glider to fly. Designed as a fully dedicated ppg glider that can also be used, for both free-flight and paramotoring.

Cosmos Power offers remarkable pitch stability and efficiency due to our “efficient full reflex” profile and low-drag line plan. The new airfoil represents the forefront in paramotor glider design as it brings benchmark fuel efficiency, stability and speed, only to be found in modern paramotor wings.

We say “efficient” because of the full reflex traditionally used in ppg wing designs, is not an efficient airfoil by any means. However, we have managed to combine some of the key elements of our high-end free-flying gliders and technology into our full reflex paramotor profile, making it extremely efficient and stable.

The result is in an incredibly efficient airfoil with the same outstanding levels of pitch stability found on full reflex gliders.

Cosmos Power’s airfoil not only gives increased levels of safety and stability also increased efficiency at extremely high AoA when flying at speed.
In real-life tests, our paramotor wings have shown unprecedented efficiency levels (fuel consumption) at low and top-end speeds when compared to traditional non-reflex wings and full-reflex wings.

In a nutshell, Cosmos Power is a nimble glider that is easy to inflate and launch in both nil wind and high wind days. Cruising at trim or at speed the pilot will notice increased stability in all configurations. Equipped with trimmers, speed bar and tip steering, it is easy to explore the full potential of this glider. Cosmos Power is also very roll-stable and no oscillations are present. Landings are easy and facilitated due to the glider’s ability to convert its energy retention into a predictable and reassuring flare.




Our “shark nose full reflex efficient profile” is a solid and pitch stable airfoil.


  • Safer aircraft
  • More efficiency
  • Higher stability
  • Fewer oscillations
  • More Solidity at all speeds
  • Higher comfort


Each cell and diagonals were structurally dimensioned and thoroughly computer analyzed to offer the most suitable chord and span-wise sail tension.The result is a canopy with less attachment points but more taught and rigid offering just enough flex characteristics to give the ideal feedback. A well-tensioned sail is especially important at higher speeds to improve solidity and resistance against collapses.


Cosmos Power was designed in a way where every cell are aligned to true airflow creating less disturbance by the inherent billowing effect found on paragliders.The canopy twist and wash out the wingtips further reduce drag and improve the lift coefficients and aerodynamics on the Cosmos Power.


Strategically placed plastic rods of different stiffness and thickeners to give optimum rigidity to the canopy.

Cosmos Power’s nylon rods are placed strategically to optimise sail tension. They are mostly of short length which facilitates to pack the glider after each flight. When storing the glider away, there is no need for a dedicated folding pillow. Ultimately allowing an uncomplicated folding procedure.



Flowparagliders: Cosmos Power