April 15, 2019

Spectra CCC

Spectra is our CIVL Competition Class glider, widely known as CCC. Spectra’s design bridges the gap between sophistication simplicity where innovative and thoughtful design concepts were adopted to minimize complexity which usually leads to extra weight and drag.


We concentrated on key areas and perfected those elements for improved performance without compromising safety.

This has resulted in a glider which deforms less in turbulence, converts lift more efficiently, offers less distortion when AoA is changed and has less parasitic drag.

With 176 leading cells and a reduced total line count, the Spectra is the vanguard in glide performance and technology.

Spectra has numerous hidden features which can only be observed by the trained eye. Special attention was given to key elements on the design, such as:

  • leading edge structural integrity
  • general internal spanwise and chordwise rigidity and tension
  • the relative alignment of the airflow in relation to the wingtips, reducing drag.

These hidden technologies combined offer true performance gains and usability.

Spanwise and chordwise tension and rigidity were reinforced to optimize handling and glider solidity.

Spectra is a cohesive glider both in climb and glide and pilots who are accustomed to flying high-performance paragliders will feel comfortable and at ease to fly the Spectra and push the glider to the maximum.

Technical data




Comfortable with waist strap and adjustable chest strap

  • LARGE – 170lts
  • Colours: Lime/Black

Flowparagliders: Spectra

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