April 15, 2019


The Flow XCRacer is our EN D 2liner glider designed for the experienced pilot.


XCRacer is in the vanguard of paragliding design. A glider made for champions who are chasing XC distance records or the top of the podium.

A no-compromise project, where all the latest innovation and technologies are applied offering maximum efficiency and safety to achieve nothing less than true performance.

Despite the performance it delivers, the XCRacer is a well-balanced glider and pilots who are accustomed to fly high-performance gliders will feel comfortable and at ease with the XCRacer.

The in-house engineered shark nose profile offers incredible pitch stability and efficiency on glide. A minimum drag aerofoil and optimised lift coefficient combined with reduced line layout were carefully studied and tested to bring you a glider with benchmark performance.

Controls are sharp and precise.  Rear riser controls are intuitive and easy to use connecting the pilot and glider. Giving the confidence-inspiring stability we are all seeking in a modern high-performance 2 line paraglider. The solidity is experienced in the entire speed range, from trim speed to full accelerated flight.

Technical data




Comfortable with waist strap and adjustable chest strap

  • LARGE – 170lts
  • Colours: Lime/Black

Flowparagliders: XCRacer

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